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REF IN SPOT-LIGHT France got lucky against Germany after referee’s dodgy call allowed Antoine Griezmann to net penalty for opener

Friday, July 08, 2016 Source:

FORMER top ref Mark Halsey has given SunSport his verdict on last night's big decision.

Bastian Schweinsteiger was penalised for handling Patrice Evra's header and Antoine Griezmann put France ahead from the spot. Check out Halsey's thoughts below.

FOR me, it's not a penalty. Law 12 — fouls and misconduct — says handball has to be deliberate and intentional and I don't think Bastian Schweinsteiger handled the ball deliberately.

His head was down and not looking at the ball when he made contact from Patrice Evra's header. You cannot jump for the ball with your arms down by your side.

It was a soft penalty and the referee, Nicola Rizzoli of Italy, has gone looking for trouble and found it.

No one would have complained had he not given this spot-kick.

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