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Big Sam's Euro 2016 verdict

2016-08-23 14:27:00 from:SNTV

New England manager Sam Allardyce spoke to SNTV on Monday (22nd August), and gave his analysis of England's failed Euro 2016 campaign.

SOUNDBITE: (English) Sam Allardyce, England manager:  (on the disappointment of the Euro 2016 campaign)

"Even going into the Euros it all became about defining moments and those defining moments were determined because we missed a few chances that we shouldn't have done and because we made a mistake here that cost us a goal…those were the defining moments that we have to cut out. So there are small defining moments that we have to change in our favour rather than go against us. Particularly the Iceland game that was two errors by ourselves rather than the opposition scoring the goals that warranted a goal. In other words, their ability was so good we couldn't defend against it at that moment. You have to accept that sometimes but we certainly could have done better on the two goals and it may have been a different story. So I'm not that depressed as everyone else (is now). I was depressed on the day that we lost like everyone else but I still think there is a fantastic talent here to work with that is hopefully going to use that disappointment to become more resilient, more resound and hopefully in the end more successful."

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