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Santos: we believed we could win

2016-07-11 17:52:00 from:SNTV

Reaction from Portugal's Head Coach Fernando Santos after Portugal win Euro 2016 with a 1-0 Extra Time win over hosts France on Sunday (July 10.)

SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Fernando Santos, Head Coach - Portugal:

"I have always said Cristiano (Ronaldo) is crucial. It would be utopian to not use Ronaldo and all his added value. Cristiano could score at any moment and sort out everything by himself. Regardless, I have always said we are a team because we win as a team. I never hide my thoughts and I always tell my players the truth - that we have a lot of quality and that is our value. Firstly we have to be a great team - to be able to fight. We have to run further than our opponents. To be more organised. To concentrate more. If we do this we will always be hard to beat and can be champions. We have an amazing group and those here with on the road here and indeed tonight. I would like to pay tribute to them and they believed it and that we could be champions and now we are."

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