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Santos: 'Pressure on France but they have experience'

2016-07-10 05:23:00 from:SNTV

Fernando Santos hit back at suggestions that Portugal do not deserve their place in the final of Euro 2016 while defender Pepe declared himself fit to face France on Sunday (10th July).

SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Fernando Santos, Portugal coach (on the pressure of France playing in a final at home):

"There is some pressure, that's normal. We have that experience from playing the final at home in 2004 and losing it. The French players will now be playing at home, but they're very experienced and play in some of the best leagues and for some of the best teams in the world. They are used to playing very high intensity games. Some of them were just recently playing in the Champions League final so they have plenty of experience. Didier Deschamps is also a very experienced manager and I am sure Didier is taking care of that. So all I am thinking about is how my players will play and I want them to play their best and to win."

SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Fernando Santos, Portugal coach (asked to comment on French media saying Portugal do not play good football):

"I want them to keep saying the same thing, that we don't play well, that we didn't deserve to win and to be in the final. That's what I'd like them to say! I'd like them to say that we won and we didn't deserve it. That would be amazing. I'd be going home very happy if they said that!"

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