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No victory parade on Champs Elysee in case of French win

2016-07-10 05:21:00 from:SNTV

Paris Chief of Police Michel Cadot said on Saturday (9th July) that if France win Euro 2016 a celebration parade will not take place on the Champs Elysee "because it is very complicated to organise it", while security measures for those watching the final at the Fan Zone on Sunday (10th July) were revealed.

SOUNDBITE: (French) Michel Cadot, Paris Chief of Police

"We have a general terrorist threat and that is enough for us to explain the security measures in place around the Fan zone. So, regarding that, this will be a relatively exceptional event, but we will see the same thing for the New Year's Eve, we will see that maybe on another occasion and we will manage the risk."

SOUNDBITE: (French) Michel Cadot, Paris Chief of Police (On the fact that Champs Elysee Avenue won't be used for next day celebration of possible French victory at the Euro)

"The most logical and in demand request in case of a victory parade would have been the Champs Elysee Avenue. Our position is not to explore this option, simply because it is too complicated to organise due to the fact that gates and bleachers are being installed for the Bastille Day parade on July 14th and that takes several days."

SOUNDBITE: (French) Michel Cadot, Paris Chief of Police (On additional security measures for the Euro finals at the Paris Fan Zone)

"We are going from 11 to 14 security check points and we added 100 officers more for the management of queues, so you have more queues and a greater number of security check points and finally, our camera system was increased so that all security check points can be monitored and that those waiting in lines can be counted so that the capacity of the Fan Zone is monitored."

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