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Welsh Fans enjoying the parade

2016-07-09 06:11:00 from:SNTV

Wales fans greet the Welsh squad on their open top bus tour of Cardiff and the home-coming party inside the Cardiff City Stadium

SOUNDBITE (English) (no name given), Wales fan

"The boys have done really well, I can't believe how well they've done. And well it's amazing."

SOUNDBITE (English) (no names given) Wales fans

"So proud to be Welsh today, we feel like we've won."

"Couldn't be prouder to be Welsh" followed by cheers

SOUNDBITE (English) (no name given) Wales fan

"I am, this is going to be very emotional. We didn't really perform properly in the last game, the Belgium game was the best but we're so happy to be here today. It's going to be an amazing night."

SOUNDBITE (English) (no name given), Wales fan

"Right, as being Welsh, and we've had some bad luck, we've had some bad luck. But now we're on the way up. Look out the English, they're going backwards, we are going to the world cup!"

SOUNDBITE (English) (no names given) Wales fans

"I feel amazing, I'm very proud of my country and I followed them through the tournament, going to the fan zone and everything. And through the qualifiers.

"They've done Wales really proud"

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